Sunday, 2 October 2016


A wife suspected her husband for having sex with their maid, so she set a trap for the husband by sending the maid to village for weekend without telling her husband. At night, the husband told his usual story 'darling, i want to go and watch wrestling match in the sitting room.' he left. the wife silently went to the maid's room lying on the bed naked with no light, he opened the door, joined her on the bed without wasting time and without a word, he had sex with her, after the fifth round she said 'it is enough, i catch you, so this is how you used to have sex with her, you will do two rounds telling me you are tired. five rounds now, you are still demanding for more. The gateman replied. "'sorry madam, i don't know you are the one. LMAO! .........
JAMES: I saw a strap of your bra.. TEACHER: James Getout!,no class for u 4 a week!. Another Boy laughs TEACHER: Why did u laugh?? BOY : i saw both straps of d bra TEACHER: GETOUT, no class 4 u for 1 month!.. *Teacher bends down 2 pick chalk & johnny started walking out..* TEACHER: Johnny, why are you going out? JOHNNY : what i saw just now, I think my school days are over!!!!! ... LMAO!!! ....... A pastor and a church sister were Being Intimate under a tree,not knowing,a smoker was up on the tree hiding & smoking. After the act, the sister asked the pastor, did u use condom? Pastor: no!!!! why? Girl: supposing i get pregnant who will take care of the baby? The pastor replied,``let's leave it to the one above. Suddenly the smoker jumped down and shouted,U DEY CRAZE? LEAVE WETIN 4 WHO? NA ME bleep AM? ......... An old farmer wrote 2 his son in prison. Dis year I wont b able 2 plant potatoes cos I can't dig the field, I knw if u wer here u would help me. D son wrote back, Dad, dont even think of diggin d field cos dat's where I buried d money I stole. The Police read d letter & d next day d whole field was dug by police lookin 4 d money but nothin was found. D following day the son wrote again, Now plant ur potatoes, Dad..It's the best I can do frm here...! #HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA # LONG LIFE AND PROSPERITY#


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