Wednesday, 2 November 2016


 Days back an acquaintance got off a phone call and started going Gaga about some Lesbian video of Miss Anambra State which he was told had gone viral. He started making calls, talking to some of the young socialites in Awka (state capital), where the queen schools (Nnamdi Azikiwe University). He made a good number of calls and even though all those he spoke to confirmed the rumour, none agreed to release the
video for whatever reason. Days after, I downloaded the video and watched it.
Indeed, it was sexual intercourse between the beauty queen and another girl. The other girl who hasn't been enjoying her fair share of fame despite playing the lead role in the pornographic video, started by fiddling with herself boldly. She had this carefully selected cucumber (slim at both ends but fat at the middle), with which she began her ride to Eldorado. She kept penetrating herself till Miss Anambra made a grand entrance into the scene and the main act handed over the cucumber gladly.
Now, i observed certain things about this Miss Anambra's performance that was thrilling. She did not in anyway act like a juvenile at doing it with a girl. Her look, the way she handled the cucumber, how and when she kissed, and most importantly her composure in front of the camera spoke volume. From all indications she is good at it... And did I mention her breasts didn't look like they have ever been touched by the opposite sex? After watching, I replayed, then replayed over and over again. Eventually, I pitied her.
Words have since been flying. Some say she made the video for a man who offered money in exchange. What kind of man requests for such video? What kind of girls accept such request? What kind of friend held the camera and directed the video? How much could they have been offered? Or were they spelled or drugged
I have never set eyes on the any of the girls but Chidinma Okeke is one of the few beauty queens in Awka who I hitherto only heard good things about. Her story was that of a naïve girl who was picked against all odds, ahead of other popular contestants to be the face of a new Anambra State government. People whispered that she is so innocent that it is hard for her to keep up with the expectations of many stakeholders of Miss Anambra pageant. This makes the controversial video even more disturbing.
It is a touchy subject which many who are somehow connected to the queen will rather not discuss. The act is so shameful that after watching the video, one gets ashamed. So it is only right to pity her. The thought that hit many are those of their compromising bedroom moments. We all have skeletons so while the subject is somewhat infuriating, there's this consciousness that echoes "it could be me". But then, there can only be two sides of a coin; one can only commend the sodomy or condemn it. There's no midline, I condemn it. What makes us a civilized society is when we cheer good achievements and without blinking rebuke failures; if she enjoyed the praise and glory that came with winning without interference, she should as well brace up for the rewards of daring to go south.
Many share in the blame for the sad development, but most of it goes to the leaders of Nigeria's modelling industry who are tirelessly working hard to corrupt young girls, and the government who have failed to regulate it. Of course they are not the ones asking girls to become lesbians. The truth is that a good number of girls indulge in lesbianism, no thanks to the many girls' secondary schools in Nigeria. However, it has always been done "hush hush" and many eventually outgrow or at least keep it away from the eyes of our sane society. The paper-chase and search for sexual gratification by most of those on top of the industry have trickled down the entire system. Those picked as winners are either over ambitious before being crowned or transformed into daring shadows of their previous selves after. It may not be an issue today that morality is fast declining, but I just hope it rattles no one when in few decades from now, immorality becomes a norm - it's budding.
Many issues are hence begging to be addressed. Firstly, decency should be restored to pageantry and modeling in Nigeria. Girls should note that the beauty industry is nothing beyond a mirage in Nigeria; there's no market or structure to make you Naomi Campbell in the country. So far so good, all they offer is that personal accomplishment which you can brag about amongst peers and your kids; you can't earn from it for ten years. Try your best to live a decent sexual life because you are not just representing yourself but also your family, friends, etc. Whatever brings the thought of turning on a camera on your naked self is of the devil, flee from it.
I do hope that Chidinma Okeke will tell a convincing story of how she was drugged and made to record this video. I hope she paddles her way out of this stormy boat cruise she is now in. I hope for the preservation of morality for us and those to come that everyone openly condemns everything connected to the video. Finally, it's a lesson for everyone; cameras are no friend to your naked self.

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