Saturday, 17 December 2016

18 + : see what nigeria girls do in school nowadays

Simply because they don't know the implication.

The below pictures is in now way glorifying the act but rather blaming their actions on the way parents have

decided to handle issues concerning their kids.

    Being to strict won't stop them

    Sending them to boarding schools either for girls only or for both won't prevent them from sneaking out at night to parties, boyfriend's house etc. or even doing it in school.

Being too busy making money to get them the best school, best house help, best nannies won't make them better.
 Teaching them and not making sure they understand equals zero.

Now carefully read the below and understand a bit of what is required of you

    No one is saying you should not train your children but being too strict will only make them too scared to trust or tell you anything without being punished, thereby making them they go out seeking for advice from the wrong people.
    Rather, punish them when they deserve to be punished and reward them abundantly not only when they do well in their studies but also when they do well in COMMON SENSE.

Sending them to boarding schools will make their peers a very active mentor in their lives.
    Rather, keeping them close to you, guiding them and telling them what to do and what not to do like a friend, will definitely circle their thoughts and actions around you.

No one is saying you shouldn't make money or give them the best education but remember great, notable, successful and responsible people never had the richest parent neither did they have the best education.
 Finally, don't ban or prevent them from seeing things like the images below either online or on TV most especially when you are around but rather make them see it thoroughly explaining the negative effect of the acts to them giving them true life examples.

The below image is as a result of the above mentioned negligence of parents to child true needs -

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