Saturday, 10 December 2016


It is logical and normal if you want to make sure that your children are safe and protected. After all, with all happening around us and the fast development of technology these days, it is pretty easy to let them sneak behind our back.
However, you don’t need to constantly worry that your kids may get into trouble or they may be dealing with forbidden stuff – let’s say, drugs or other even worse criminal acts. There is this new app that can help you monitor their activities on their droid platform devices. It is even better, as you can always monitor their text messages, you get to read what they type and know what’s going on in general. You can say that it is a new way of spying your kids; something that you may not be proud of doing, but in some cases, you don’t have any other option to make sure that they’re okay.
Get yourself be familiar with SMS Tracker, the special app that can help you get around. Installing this app in your kids’ phone without them knowing that you are spying on them. Either you buy them a new phone but rig it with this app, or you install the app secretly while your kids are being occupied – the choice is yours. But the main point is that: don’t get caught!
Since you are dealing with an Android device, the app can be obtained through the Play Store. Things are quite easy and basic once you have installed the app. Configuring is breezy. Here are the things you need to do:
N: B     Keep in mind, though, that you want to have the hidden version since it won’t broadcast notifications on the status bar.
1. Before you are going to install the System Health app (SMS Tracker disguised version), make sure that you have enabled Unknown Sources first.

2. Install the app and then create an account.

3. Follow the steps to complete the registration. Then you will see the details of the device you spy on.

4. Sign into to activate your account right away. Use your username and password that you used for registration.
5. After you logged in, choose SMS Log tab. You will see detail information like Time/Date, FromTo, and the message.

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