Wednesday, 7 December 2016



1.       IF you were dating a dark skinned girl and she breaks your heart when you see a charcoal you will become emotional
2.       Using bleaching cream is cool but the problem is when a camera man snaps you with flashlight in the
afternoon then you  will become invincible
3.       If your girlfriend breaks up with you because you are broke live her come back four years later with a car ,promise her the world remove their family house roof and disappear
4.        Sucking a girl breast is normal its from birth but a girl sucking a guys dick that one don’t understand
5.       Naming your dog your president name is normal but your president arresting you that one I don’t understand
6.       Putting  your dick into a pussy is normal because you produce children but you now putting you dick and you fingers I wonder what you are going   to produce
7.       Fondling a girls breast is normal but you tuning her nipples is what I don’t understand  
8.       Guys raping girls is normal but girls raping guys , that one I don’t understand ,  are they that ugly ?
9.       If life is not all about sex , can a girl date a guy without dick ?

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