Monday, 12 December 2016

See photos of a young cameraman that was killed in the church building collapse in uyo

Nigerians are still mourning the tragic deaths of victims of the Reigners Bible Church building collapse which left scores dead and many injured over the weekend in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. Also among the dead is hardworking cameraman with AKBC TV, Ubong Thompson, who was covering the event at Reigners Bible
Read what was shared by his mourning friend on Facebook
Calm, resourceful, hardworking, never a word of complain, never a word of gossip, extremely focused on his job. He died while on duty at the Reigners Bible Church. It is like a personal loss to me. This was a Cameraman I worked with stress free. This was a cameraman I could trust his shots.

This was a cameraman whose shot of the most mundane came alive with meaning or beauty on the screen. You never had to talk much to Ubong. He understood what you wanted on camera with an instinctive calm confidence.

Ubong delighted in making people look their best. He delighted in giving meaning and dignity to events, people and places.

A Reporters asset. An asset to the Corporate image. An asset to the state. A loss. A deep, deep loss. It's an agony to imagine Ubong seeing death descending and not able to run out of deaths path. Ubong would rather be more concerned about protecting the Camera from damage than run first for safety.

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