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UNIBEN : Documents required for the physical and online clearance


Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well in health? And yes, I understand the you all are not happy now because of the delay in the part of UNIBEN releasing the admission list. But hey, it's not going to take long anymore because it's happening soon. As I wrote earlier, the delay is due to the whole Fedral government
and the other examination bodies Jupeb and Direct Entry. I assure you guys that after these students are cleared, you'll be next in line for a miracle! Can I hear an amen for that. ;)

So here's the deal. While we all wait for the uniben admission list to come out, there are some things we need to be putting in place in order for the Clearance and other 'pre-resumption' exercises  not to catch us uninformed. Yes, you have been worried over the UNIBEN admission list, but you haven't asked yourself since that 'What do I need to get ready?' The clearance process kicks off immediately after admission list. Do you know the documents and necessary things you need to get this done? Have you gathered them? What if the UNIBEN admission list comes out today and you're scheduled to begin your clearance the next day by 9am as usual? What would you do by then... well I doubt there would be so little to do. That is the reason I have decided to write on this steps you should put in place:


The Uniben clearance begins with the uploading of relevant documents to your student account on your Uniben Kofa account which you can access via

Now let’s see the documents you will need to upload to begin your clearance:

1) Affidavit of Good Conduct (From any court in Nigeria) It actually costs arond #350 to #500 if you can bargain price like me ;)

2) Affidavit of non-membership of any Secret Cult (From any Nigerian court)

3) Acceptance letter (this is provided by UNIBEN)

4) Guarantor’s letter ( you can get this from your parents or gaurdian or Pastor if you're in nice terms with God's work. Now is the time it pays!)

5) Birth certificate or a sworn declaration of age ( you can get your certificate from a local healt centre close to you if you couldn't get it when you were born. Because you're older now, they might want to charge you heigher. But it's around #2,500 to #5,000) Or visit any court to take a decleration- this will cost just #500)

6) Certificate of LGA of origin (Get this from your local government Secretariat)

7) O’ level result (WAEC/NECO/NABTEB/GCE). Original/ certificate is adviced!
 With your Original JAMB result slip ( this contains your passport. You can get it from Jamb office. It's costs #1,200)

9) Original JAMB admission letter. (Jamb will provide this)


During online clearance, you scan and upload the above documents for about ₦1500 anywhere in Uniben, although they will process it for you for less if you come in group. When you are done uploading the documents at the cyber cafe, you may proceed with the payment of acceptance fee with your Verve or Mastercard ATM card. The price of this fee is displayed on the screen once you click on pay acceptance fee. For students of medicine, dentistry, physiology, anatomy, medical biochemistry, medical laboratory science and nursing their fees are bigger, while other courses are lesser. Refer to this post to see the fees for this year's clearance fees.                    
 NOTE that a technology fee of ₦550 will be charged for the transaction. You will also need to fill in other details like date of birth, WAEC/NECO/NABTEB registration number et cetera.
After a successful payment, download the payment receipt page which will be displayed. Now click on “Save and Request Clearance”. A two page document which contains the summary of all the data you have inputted previously will be displayed; this is the online clearance acknowledgement slip also known as the “Online Eligibility Slip”. Print this document and get ready for physical clearance. Additionally, you will be notified about when to come for physical clearance. Print the document too. 

Now you have to make five photocopies for each of the documents listed above and keep them in five different files. Get one file also to keep all of your original documents. This gives us a total of six files. Attach a small passport on each file and you are ready for physical clearance.


Physical clearance is very simple although it can get a bit longer if you miss some documents or make a mistake or if your clearance officer is slow (But he could be fast if you buy him ice cream. Lol) 

What they basically do is:
  • Make sure that the documents you uploaded are the same with the ones you came with and that they are not fake.
  • That there is consistency in all your documents; your gender, date of birth and names must be the same.
  • That you are actually the one in the photos of your documents.
After thorough scrutiny, they print and sign a new Original Eligibility Slip. This document is your most important document as a student of Uniben. Keep it safe! 
After this document is given to you, make five copies of it and place in your five other files. By now, you must have obtained six record files which will replace the six official files you have
been carrying about. Your clearance officer will direct you to the offices where you will submit all record files except the one containing the original documents (It is your personal
copy. Keep it safe). 

These offices include the University
Admission Office, your faculty (faculty clearance) and your department (departmental clearance).
Others After being cleared, your Kofa account will display “Cleared”.
After this, a link will be displayed for school fee payment and after paying for school fees, you may quickly proceed with Hostel Application
 if you want to stay in hostel (Its adviceable to spend your first year/level in the hostel so you can learn fast and get aquinted with the school life and nuns).  You will also be able to register your courses online afterwards.

NOTE: There is rumor that there would be no physical clearance this year though, but it's not confirmed yet. Therefore let us get ready for all the steps beforehand!
In order for you to have a smooth clearance 
process, upload the right and only documents needed and avoid mixing things up.
And then, you are Welcome to Uniben!

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