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Friday, 10 February 2017

Hon. Olaitan Olakanse : The incoming Ejigbo, Ifoshi ward chancellor speaks

Hon Olaitan Olakanse , The incoming cancellor of Ejig bo , ifoshi ward , this being the 3rd time he has contested and continously pursueing his dreams of changing his community for the better , yesterday spoke to mikkyplanets about his intentions for the ejigbo community , ifoshi ward , outside politics Hon. Olaitan Olakanse is a man of Honour and Intergrity , a man
with great dreams for  his community , a man right from his teenage has always wanted the best for his community . 

When asked about his believes : 
He Said : I believe in real democracy , where the people will have their say in any thing affecting them , I also believe in accountability and judicious use of scarce resources . I uphold that the impression one lives behind and what he deposited to his or her society not what he or she is taken from it , it is the the ultimate in life . 

He also talked about his Vision for his community : 

He said : I have a dream where if elected , the beaurocracy in governance will be removed , our community that before now flourished in commerce and industries will regain its pride of glory by attracting meaninfull government project within my capacity

He Also talked about his : 
Pogramms and  Agenders  if elected.

1. Youth Empowerment :  I have a dream of a community whereby children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives .A situation whereby youths address their situation and then take action in order to  improve their access to resources which in my capacity will provide for them 

2.  Security of life and properties : I have always heard of different social menace happening in the society especially in our district here in Ejigbo , which have kept my people at unrest , so this i promise to stop when elected cancellor of Ifoshi ward Ejigbo 

3. LIbration of minds and Human capital Developments : With the slow pace of development in my ward , i have come to realise that the problem isn't a neglect from the government but lack of accountability from the previous leaders . I promise to be accountabel for every allocation which will accrue to my ward. 

4. Democracy In Action : Right from my Teenage  , I have been a grass root person and knows where we have our flaws . i promise to put the people first and make sure that devidents of Democracy is delivered as promised . 

Hon. Olaitan Olakanse is coming to you as a mere citizen who just wants to bring developments into his community ( Ejigbo ) , so why don't we help him reach his dreams and also you and i dreams for a better community . Hon. Olaitan Olakanse is assuring the best social amenities and developments if only you and i , join hands and make this happen by getting our voters card and vote for Hon . OLaitan OLakanse in the forth coming elections , 
Vote for what is right , don't let your vote be bought with money , vote for justice , vote for development and vote for progress . 

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