Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Fun Time : Wednesday Joke

2017 hunger :

Ogbeni i don suffer o ...nothing wey naija no go see o ..
Imagine a guy slept very hungry ..
In his dream he saw a bread ,he ate it and after dat ... He saw a coconut , but no knife to crack it .. So he decided to use his teeth ..d nxt tin he receive a devotional slap from his friend ...his fwend was like ..
Weere u dne chop pilliw finish .. U won cme chop my head join ..
God go purnish u ....
#abeg who is to blame ..

 wife's beauty
  The pastor said "Give offering according to the beauty of your wife" some gave £500, some £200. The other man gave £2, the pastor asked "Why giving a £2?" The man answered "Pastor,.... if you see my wife, you will even give me change!!!
 Dame Patience Jonathan
Dame Patience Jonathan went out for drink with some of the Top Women after which the Waiter brought their bills:-
• Patience Jonathan. N10,400
• Ngozi Okonjo.......... N10,250
• Folasade Bent.........N10,450
• Turai Yar’adua..........N10,200
• Total.........................N41,300

Patience Jonathan said: I will pay for everyone else, but Total must pay for herself because I didn’t invite her, afterall she owns petrol stations all over Nigeria!
New Nursery rhyme for Nigerian pupils.

Old Buhari is sick and went to London
Hmm haa went to London
He left our beloved country and travelled abroad
Hmm haa travelled abroad
The sickness became worse and he never returned
Hmm haa never returned
There came angry Nigerians who rumoured his death
Hmm haa rumoured his death
There came his speaker who said he's alive
Hmm haa said he's alive
Old Buhari got up and..................

Hmmmm haa buhari got up ..
#i was nt der o ...
#sha sing along ..

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