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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Two prostitutes rob Iranian man claiming he didn't pay them after sex :Photos

An Iranian tourist had his hotel safe robbed of 40,000 baht after taking two girls to his room in South Pattaya, Thailand on Monday.

Only one of the girls was arrested and she later fled police custody before being rounded up a second time. She claimed that the Iranian man had not paid her for sex so they decided to rob him.

She is being charged and the other is being hunted - they are both friends from Khon Kaen.

The drama began when police were called to the B2 hotel where an argument was in full swing between Mr Talebi Esfahani Mohammad, 55, from Iran and Miss Chanaporn Seuathaw, 23, from Khon Kaen.

Chanaporn was taken to the police station where she soon managed to run away. Police volunteers managed to re-arrest her after a chase on foot, however, she then claimed that the tourist had not paid her what he agreed for sex.

Soon the Iranian turned up with a hotel staff member to tell cops that he had had 800 US dollars and 9,000 baht in his room safe and it was all gone. The total value was 40,000 baht. He said that another woman had come with Chanaporn to his room.

He had gone to the toilet to freshen up and when he emerged the pair were counting out money. He soon realized it was the contents of his safe that had been broken into. Chanaporn grabbed hold of him while her friend fled with the money, he said.

Chanaporn said that her friend was 46 year old Parichat Thaisamak also from Khon Kaen. She had come to keep her company, she said. But Chanaporn alleged that she herself had not stolen anything. She just took the money that was agreed for the sex and was rightfully hers.

She had tried to contact her friend to return with the rest of the money but she said she was scared of arrest. Police dismissed the woman's claims and charged her with theft. Now they are hunting her accomplice and are expected to seek a warrant.

The report did not explain why Mohammad was being inspected with his shirt off as shown in the picture taken at the police station.

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