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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Digital Money : Check out the best and coolest way of making Money Online (Details Available )

Welcome to the world of Mini Cash Pool 
Your only key to unlock all locks of online income.


Minicashpool is a platform that combines almost all make money online opportunities either with investment or without investment letting you earn a huge income for yourself, without paying a penny to anyone from your own pocket. The main purpose of mini is to give you a system, which you can use to build your business in it's mother site -> MyMinicashpool Because If you can dream it, you can do it.

                                              How It Works : 

 We provide 4 types of income opportunity to our members.

                             1. 4 X 1 Matrix plan with re-entry
World's smallest matrix plan, where you just need 4 people under you, and When your cycle gets filled up with the 4 donations, Minicashpool will give you the opportunity to re-enter the matrix again and again, hassle free. Believe me, mini is going to be so hit, that someday you will see yourself re-entering the matrix every hour, and every re-entry will give you profit of 0.03 BTC, with just investing 0.01 BTC, that's like you are earning 3 times of what you have donated, and ofcourse unlimited time.

                                                2. Adpacks
Minicashpool provides 3 types of adpack plans, costing you from $10 to $100, giving you 2% profit everyday for 60 days, which will be 120% profit in return. Buying an adpack will share the referral commission of 5% to your Original sponsor, each and every time when an adpack has been bought, giving the sponsor extra income without investment.

                                   Don't rush anywhere when mini is here!
                                            3. Bitcoin faucet
Bitcoin faucet is not a new thing now a days. This is the another earning opportunity where mini guests and members, both can earn free bitcoins for themselves, without investing a penny. Bitcoin faucets will also be paying 15% referral commission to the referrer, every time their referral claims bitcoins on cashpool faucet.

                              4.Offers,Surveys, Tasks,GPT, PTC etc
Another earning opportunity without investment. Available only for members of minicashpool. Every member can complete atleast a single tasks which will give you anywhere between $0.001 to $2, sometimes more. The money you will earn here, will goes to your coin balance, which you can transfer to the wallet balance at anytime and withdraw it in your bitcoin wallet. Cool isn't it?
                        Minicashpool - The powerhouse of your online income

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