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Monday, 15 May 2017

Pharmacists in Lagos & Ibadan empower 2500 children through DHA campaign to mark 2017 children’s day


Reload Multivitamins, a leading brand of Multivitamins in the Nigerian market in collaboration with Pharmalliance, Africa’s leading Retail Pharmacy network is launching a campaign to educate parents on the importance of DHA supplementation in Child nutrition. 

DHA is DocosaHexaenoic Acid, an omega-3 fatty acid which is a primary structural component of the human brain, skin and the retina. DHA has been found to be very crucial in the development of a child’s brain right from pregnancy into early childhood. According to Bolaji Sanyaolu, a certified Nutritionist, the absence of this very crucial nutrient in diets of pregnant women and infants lead to malformation in brain and eye development of young children. There are natural sources of DHA which include breast milk, organ meat such as kidney, heart, lungs and select fishes such as Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon.  According to the Country Sales Manager of Pharmacy Plus Ltd, Marketers of the Reload range of multivitamins, Joseph James , he said that it has been observed that the urbanised lifestyle we have adopted as Nigerians has exposed us to these childhood nutritional deficiencies and this is evident in the clinical presentations observed in many hospitals and health centres today. He further stated that Pharmacy plus remains committed to driving preventive health education so that the Nigerian populace especially the children would have the opportunity to live healthier and happier lives. He however noted that since the lifestyle of working mothers sometimes makes it difficult to prepare these essential nutritious meals, the Reload range has been further expanded to include DHA fortified children formulation. This helps to provide the much needed DHA supplementation required for daily healthy living. 

In commemoration of the 2017 Children’s day celebration, Pharmacy plus through its RELOAD brand is launching a smart kids challenge in Lagos and Ibadan. To achieve this feat, RELOAD is partnering with Pharmalliance, Africa’s premier Retail Pharmacy Network with about 100 retail Pharmacies, to reach 2500 children between the ages of 3-12 years old. This campaign will take place simultaneously in Pharmalliance member pharmacies between May 1st - 27th of May, 2017.

Pharm Adeshina Opanubi, Founder and Project Catalyst of Pharmalliance describes the campaign as a very innovative one. ‘It is a family campaign that is designed to engage all members of the family.

 The parents are expected to visit participating Pharmacies to sign up their children and collect their challenge starter packs. Each child would be expected to complete 10 mentally stimulating tasks sequentially. These tasks include carefully crafted colouring and tracing tasks which has been scientifically proven to improve child brain development. After successful completion of the 10 tasks, each participating child gets a gift pack while the parents get an educational brochure on Child nutrition with emphasis on Natural sources of DHA.

When asked why the Reload brand has chosen to celebrate children every year, Mr Joseph James said his organisation has an unwavering belief in the ability of children to help redirect the destiny of this nation. The RELOAD brand is therefore committed to the healthy development of children across Nigeria. Last year, during the 2016 Children’s day campaign, the company in partnership with the Pharmalliance network reached over 5000 children with its Healthy eating campaign.

It is important to note that the Reload Range of Products are about the only multivitamin supplement range in Nigeria that are fortified with blends of fruits and vegetables. This is in addition to the DHA fortification of its children formulation

Some of the participating Pharmalliance locations where the campaign will hold include;


·         Vanguard Pharmacy, Monatan Iwo road
·         Finrel Pharmacy, Akobo Ojurin
·         Alvid Pharmacy, Oke –Ado Ibadan
·         Maxi Pharmacy, Olaogun old Ife road
·         Tee’s Care Pharmacy, Olodo
·         Medvilles Pharmacy, Bodija
·         Intense Health Pharmacy, Elebu Ibadan
·         Fortis Pharmacy, Bembo Apata Ibadan
·         Instapharm Pharmacy, Eden Plaza U.I Ibadan


·         Alpha Pharmacy, NAF Base, Ikeja
·         Cutting Edge Pharmacy, Mende Maryland
·         Winoc Pharmacy, Alade Lawal, Anthony

Ajegunle/Festac/Iyana Oba

·         Victory Drugs, Festac
·         Primeah Pharmacy, opposite General Hospital, Ajegunle
·         Life Bounty Pharmacy, Abule Ado , Festac
·         D2 Pharmacy, Satelite Town


·         Anchorlink Pharmacy,  Ojodu Berger
·         Rockforth Pharmacy, Ojodu Berger
·         Midams Pharmacy, Oke-ira Ogba


·         Russand Pharmacy, Chevron Drive, Lekki
·         Dlightsom Mount Pharmacy, Thomas Estate, Ajah
·         Rockaid Pharmacy, Osapa London Lekki
·         Jurdynal Health Pharmacy, Agungi Lekki
·         Fidik Pharmacy, Seaside Estate, Badore Ajah
·         PSV Pharmacy,Casakaysora Mall, Lekki
·         Greenvive Pharmacy, Badore, Ajah
·         Femire Pharmacy, Badore, Ajah
·         Baykins Pharmacy, Fola Osibo, Lekki


·         Springcare Pharmacy, opposite Deeper Life, Gbagada
·         Julie Harrison Pharmacy, Gbagada
·         Wellrose Pharmacy, Gbagada
·         Total Pharma-care Pharmacy, Gbagada


·         Epsilon Pharmacy, Shagari Estate, Ipaja
·         Massey vicker Pharmacy,(Shop direct Superstore) Egbeda
·         Justrite Pharmacy, Isolo


·         Wellmart Pharmacy, Olowora, Isheri
·         Citimax Pharmacy, Ikosi-Ketu
·         Santeforte Pharmacy, Magodo Isheri
·         Medcourt Pharmacy, Ogudu
·         Medkonsult Pharmacy, Isheri
·         Elpha Pharmacy, Magodo Isheri


·         Macojo Pharmacy, TOS Benson, Ikorodu
·         Constanstar Pharmacy, Ibeshe, Ikorodu
·         Remedy Drug Plus Pharmacy, Police Post, Ebute Ikorodu

Surulere/Yaba/ Somolu

·         Drug Consult Pharmacy, Shipeolu Street, Shomolu
·         Silverline Pharmacy, Aguda Surulere
·         Habibi Pharmacy, Akoka
·         Kaizen Pharmacy, Babs Animashaun, Surulere
·         Simstel Pharmacy, Shipeolu Street, Shomolu
·         Sanitas Pharmacy, Yaba

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