Monday, 12 June 2017

(Planets Tv) : : Naija In trouble as lagos students forget about Abiola’s Day , June 12

It is Normal phenomenom that june 12 is always kept aside to mourn our hero Abiola ,on this day students don’t go to school while some sturborn one’s ask their students to come to school , but  this years own is different because most of the students have forgotten about this great day as some of them went to school and on getting to school , they were asked to
go back , even the teachers and heads of schools have forgotten about this great day so the school are just locking up this morning
When asked why they forgot about this great day , some of them gave reasons such as :

Adebanjo Gloria (Student) : Sir the holiday is  too much now , Biafra day , mid term break , democracy day , and last week Friday the school did not announce of the holiday because we just observed our mid term Break 
Tayo Michael (Student) : Sir I never knew there was anything as june 12 or Abiola’s day

Hmmm . Well I just pray as things go on , we wont forget about independence day and democracy day 

See some throw back Photos From June 12 :

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