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Saturday, 10 June 2017

( Story Time ) My Adventure With Street Chicks By Echendu Lazarus (Episode 1 )


It was a bright Monday morning as I got
dressed up heading to my “new school”
where I will be writing my SSCE (WAEC n
NECO). Actually the Exams is abt a month
n 2 weeks 4rm now and dis period is for Extra-
moral classes as we geer up 4 d
battle ahead which will determine our
fate to College.
People(students expecially) always think

of me to be an intelligent type in my “4ma
school” but I always see myself as the average
type. I jst got into this skul
‘Shaloam college Agyaragu’ becuse of
how students “make it” in their SSCE
becus it is just a new Private skul that jst
came into town and they’re looking for
more students, which means I will have to meet
new students, make new friends
and still keep my old friends-Heard of
new brooms sweep better but old brooms
knows all the corners? Well as I wanted
to make new friends I also wanna retain
ma old friends too in my old skul. As we got to
skul around 8am that monday
(Thomas and I) he was one of ma few pals
that changed skul bcuz of the Exams, we
made straight to the classroom which we
saw some of the students we felt are
Candidates too for we saw some students from
my formal skul going into it.
We enter and sat down as a tall slime and
fair man entered, “He must be one of the
teachers here” I told Thomas, “yea I
guess so” he replied. “Good morning all of
you, we welcome all the new students to Shaloam
College Agyaragu, pls read your
books very well, we can only help you by
taking the Extra-moral classes serious
but believe me there will not be any form
of exam malpractice in this skul, ur only
goal is to study ur books and pass well, I wish u
all what u wish urself”. Mr Obri
whom we later get to know his name and
who also happened to be our English
Master admonished.
We all say amen while others jst mocked
him 4 saying he wished us wat we wish
“Well my name is Obri John and am going
to be teaching u English Language, which
I believed most of you should be very
good at, having said that, Who can tell me
the two major types of Consonant sounds we
have”? Mr Obri asked surprising
everyone as we were not xpecting any
question 4rm him, no not now @ all!! Well
he need an answer and we must provide,
d whole class went on silent, as nobdy
seems to have a clue, I noticed an ebony skin
beautiful gal biting her lips trying to
think of the answer, I jst smiled, u know
why? Cuz I know the answer “So non of
you can give me the answer? Are u all so
dull not to know the answer”? Mr Obri
flared. I raised my hand and all eyes were on me,
really that is wat I hate most, “Ok
tell us the answer pray u know it else all
of you will get a big surprise from me” he
said frowning. “The two major…….” I
wanted to say as mr Obri cut me short “Ur
name pls” he asked. “My name is Aju Peter sir” I
replied. “Ok go on” he said, ”
they are Monothongs and Dipthongs sir”
I replied. “A round of applaus for him! U
must a be brilliant student! U jst saved ur
class 2day” he said. That was how we
ended our 1st meeting in the skul that morning
wich I neva knew only that
answer has created many impressions
about me. As we were going out b4 we
com back 4 2nd class, the ebony gal came
to me and said “hello, u really did saved
us of the embarrasement today, by the way, my
name is Vivian and you ar Peter
rite”? “Yea” I answered…



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