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Monday, 31 July 2017

Hmmm , See Online Testimonies By Members Of The Living Rock of Zion Deliverance Ministry

Yesterday while surfing The Media , I came Across This Testimonies By some Members Of Living Rock of Zion Deliverance Ministry

See Testimonies Below :

After my marriage, i got pregnant and at 7 month i exprerienced a heat wave all over my body and immediately the child in my womb died and i have been afraid that i may never able to conceive again. But when i came in contacted with living rock of zion through my neighbor,
Prophet Prayed for me that same month i became pregnant with my child. Praise the lord!! Sis.Floral. 

I have been having issues with austrian goverment, i paid money to my lawyer to defend me,he will take my money without handling the case, he was exploiting me along with government officer in charge of the case. they Kept on threaten me with prison sentences and i was paying them to avoid my complications. Untill i came in contacted with the Prophet through my very good friend in Austria, the prophet prayed from me. He gave me two options, saying either the man removes his hand from the case or he dies. Within 3 weejs of that prayer the government officer in of the case died and now I am free.thanks be to God. Bro.matthew 

I was working along the road on a sunday morning and i saw the banner of the church and immediately I got a feeling to go into the church. I went into the church and as I was stepping in, the Prophet picked me immediately and gave me a revelation of everything that has been happening in my life and conduct instant deliverance on me, before then I have been experirncing strange pain in my body but but after the deliverance, I no longer experirnce duch pain. I have been healed, Iam free! Praise the lord! Bro Fidelis

Now The Question is , Do You Believe In Miracles

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