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Monday, 10 July 2017

Sex Robots Hit The Industries Now on sales and Rents

 A brothel in Dublin is renting out a silicone sex doll for £88 an hour.
The sex doll has already been visited by a number of punters, according to the owner of the establishment in Dublin.
The silicone doll weighs eight stone, has 32E breasts and is designed to respond to vibrations.
The owners of the brothel say that some users have been fascinated with
However, a brothel offering a similar service in Barcelona was closed after outrage from local sex workers.
An advert on the Dublin brothel’s website describes the doll as ‘ultra-realistic’.

However, the concept has proven controversial in the past.
The Campaign Against Sex Robots believe the machines encourage men to think of women as objects.
Research director Lydia Kaye said previously: ‘The creation of sex robots imitates and reproduces the value system of these corrupt and brutal industries that capitalise on the exchange and dehumanisation of women.
‘Sex robots will create another means through which women will be presented as objects to be used for sexual gratification and mistreatment.

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