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Sunday, 31 December 2017

TRENDING : Funny Facts About Tasued And Its Students , No 7 Will Shock Your Spirit

TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION (TASUED) is a great school i have just been there for few months and few days and sure i have come across lot of things in other schools a but sure and i bet Tasued is the best place to be . So great
Nigerian Students Lets Look at some of the funny facts about Tasued And its Students

- Cosmas is the most populous and largest college
in Tasued while Cohum is less populous and small
so as their students respectively.

- Imaweje stalite prefer trekking all the way frm
school to their hostel than boardin a 30 naira
kekenapep or 50naira bike
to school (even some female students do faint while

-The VC is informally and mostly addressed as
"Aunty Yemisi" by all students.

-Samrotad Ventures is the most popular Business
name in Tasued

- Pure water, N10 naira bonz and egg roll are the
two most bought commodities aside Recharge

-Tasued is where ABANISE is the only person that
makes fast Junk food (I.e Indomine & Fried egg).

- Tasued student will never forget their change
(Balance) in campus shuttle driver's hand even if it
is 10naira, when we do say ijagun igbeyin lawa
even if its 1st week of resumption

-The most popular lecturer in Tasued is Dr. Baloo
while Barr. Dapo is the most influential Lecturer.

- Cosit Students which are the most serious
students do fail Test & Measurement (EDU 22)

-Economics department is the department where
students do Thanksgiving when they get 40 for
departmental course (Oriyomi mark)

-Lecturers do hold class on public holiday, Rag day
and SUG week (especially Biology department).

-Nobella and Iya Pako's place is the most patronized
canteen on campus.

-Amazing Grace is the best bookshop in Tasued and
Lecturers never stop referring students there.

-The number of guys visiting female hostels in a
day is twice the number that visit the library
(except during exam period)

-Iya Kafilat goods is the most sought for, by
Tasuedites even on their first day on campus.

-Secretarial Administration students do carry more
than two bags (Typewritter and school/Hand bag).

-Mikolo is d most patronised barber in tasued.

-FANTASY Hall is the most popular hall in Ijagun,
BODUS in Ijele, Engineers Place &

-IYA BASH (Imaweje) is the center hub for food
buying off-campus for students and lecturers.

-Most TASUED students don't eat lunch when they
get to school but some of them do port it with Garri
and Eja dindin (You remember? "Winks".

-When you see most Students wearing Suit then it
is either SUG election or Teaching Practice period.

-Admission Office is always crowded and you always
see new designs of bags and files there too

-BED department is where students are solemnized/
alluded with the word of GOD.

-ATM online24/7 but can Bleep up on weekends
because of the rate which Tasuedites do collect

-Tasued is where "Atagungun" and "Tin Tomato"
mixed thyme and curry is the best option when
cooking rice (commonest food on campus,
concotion), stew and other foods.

-The Biggest hall (OGD Hall), Lecture Theater & PPS
in Tasued is where students don't pray to do their
departmental exams but they prefer ETF, Block
A,C,E & Kaaf.

-Tasued is where "ABANISE" is the only person that
makes fast junk food (Indomine & Fried egg).

-It is Tasued you will see where ladies retain sitting-
space for their friends before lecture even if the
friend won't come.

-Tasued is where clinic attendants are overly tired
of searching for files because most Tasuedites
always forget their clinic card and do remove the
passport on the clinic card for other uses.

-Tasued Where SUG constitution turns to SUG
Aspirants textbook
2weeks b4 Presidential debate/Manifesto

-Girls never stop going to the Photo Stand even on

-It is TASUED where you make photocopies of all
documents given to you even Bank tellers, Exam
result, and Test scores.

 - In Cosit You Must buy cosit text 

- Where Freshers Think its only their college that exists

- Come To alexo By 7 and you have class by 8 , all the chairs have full because friends will keep sit for friends and friends will keep for friends and friends will keep for friends , you will see 50 people and 200 bags are sitting down .Greatest Nigerian Students I hail o 

Add yours and let's keep the
fun going!!

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