Tuesday, 6 March 2018

TASUED EXAM : Topics To read For CSC112 upcoming Exam with Pdf's - Download Here

Looking at the upcoming Monday csc112 exam i have compiled a list of topics to read for the csc112 exam , in which i have drooped some PDF's and others
you can google them, Here is a long list of my area of concentration for the csc112 exam coming up on Monday march 12 2018

Topics :
1. Problem solving
- Types of Problem
- Methods of solving Problems
- 5 basic steps of software developments
- programming part art or science
-methods of expressing algorithm
-features of algorithm
- Problems vs algorithms vs programs
-testing correctness and proving correctness and measuring performance
3. Flowcharts
-  definitions
- flow charting symbols
- general rules for flow charting
4. BASIC Programming
- Basic Character Sets
- Expression , Variables and Numbers
- 15 Basic Statements
- Writing a basic code
- Looping
- do while , while wend statements and other conditional statements under looping
5 . Errors and debugging

Click Below links To download Pdfs

Download Basic Programming PDF

Download Algorithm Pdf Here

Download Flowcharts PDF here

Download Loopind Pdf

Please endeavour To google search the rest ....  Please Drop Your comments If this Article Helped You

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